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We pass the essential URL and data with all the POST requests. ORM (object-relational mapping) framework is a framework that helps in reducing the amount of handwritten code in a web app. ORM is used when there are no extreme performance requirements, but frameworks like Dapper can be used in high-load systems. In layman’s terms, the partial view allows rendering a view within the parent view. ( Not specific to authentication/Authorization/Action/Exception). For example, inside an Action method in your controller, you will be returning like below.

  • A partial view is a chunk of HTML that can be safely inserted into an existing DOM.
  • Using object which implements interface — IRouteConstraint.
  • Model represents the real world object and provides data to the view.
  • Kestrel is an event-driven, I/O-based, open-source, cross-platform, and asynchronous server which hosts .NET applications.
  • This return type is used when we want to return a JSON message.
  • This class contains the default format of the url that should be supplied in the browser to navigate to a specified page.

This will reduce the coding in case of changes on project design so this is vastly used. Similar to Keep method we have one more method called “Peek” which is used for the same purpose. This method used to read data in Tempdata and it maintains the data for subsequent request. Data annotations are attributes which can be found in the “System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations” namespace. These attributes will be used for server-side validation and client-side validation is also supported. Four attributes – Required, String Length, Regular Expression and Range are used to cover the common validation scenarios. View Model is a plain class with properties, which is used to bind it to strongly typed view.

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Online coding tests can be a great tool to carry out ASP.NET MVC assessments. You can obviously mvc programmer benefit much more from hiring such a developer that has below skills in addition.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

Obviously, an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer should be well versed with HTML and C#. They should have a thorough understanding of ASP.NET architecture, MVC coding concepts, and MS Sequel Server. You have to look for expertise in some of the significant areas required to develop the code robustly. You can work as an MVC developer even with a bachelor’s degree and upgrade your skills. However, for better career prospects, having a master’s degree may be useful. You should be familiar with the popular client-side frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, and React. You must check out the official job description to check if the company has specified some framework or version in particular.

What are the differences between the Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write()?

The easiest way to render an HTML link in is to use the HTML.ActionLink() helper.With MVC, the Html.ActionLink() does not link to a view. Requires typecasting for complex data types and checks for null values to avoid an error. Convention-based routing – to define this type of routing, we call MapRoute method and set its unique name, URL pattern and specify some default values. This action filter handles errors raised when a controller action executes. This return type is used when we want to redirect to any other action method.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

The Action link can help navigate from one view to another using the hyperlink, which creates a simple URL and navigates to the “Home” controller. View data can pass the data from a controller to view, while View bag can pass data from the controller to the respective view. Page templates, field page templates, filter templates, and entity page templates are all example scaffold templates. These templates support the building of a functional data-driven website. ViewModel can bind a strongly typed view using its plain class with properties. It can also have well-defined validation rules for its various properties using the data annotation.

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Filters are defined as logic applied before or even after the execution of the action method. This way, it acts as an attribute for the action method. MVC offers more control, provided through the ASP.NET MVC framework for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript than conventionally used WebForms.

How do I prepare for a .NET developer interview?

All preparation process consist of several steps that should be followed to succeed:

Step 1. Provide a coding mentor (only for junior .Net developer)

Step 2. Make sure that a candidate is highly motivated

Step 3. Determine skills required for .Net developer

Step 4. Prepare a technical test

Step 5. Attend meetups and conferences