How to Recover Unsaved or Deleted Notepad File on Windows 10

In this example file, “” is the starting tag for the root element, and “” is the closing element. Additionally, some popular file formats are built with XML. Consider the Microsoft Office file extensions .docx , .xlsx , and .pptx . The “x” at the end of these file extensions stands for XML. Since XML can be read and interpreted by people as well as computer software, it is known as human- and machine-readable.

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Dracula Notepad++ themes

This is because software program operated by way of these processor chips will inevitably boost in power to make use of the new technological innovation. I have just downloaded Notepad++ 5.4 unicode, and I noticed that there is new folder called “themes” inside program’s installation folder. Notepad++ 5.4 has really nice new feature that I like it very much. For many developers and programmers, who do not mind the kind of theme they use for their text editors with emphasis on Notepad++ users. It is safe to say that a theme depends on how convenient and comfortable it is to you while working on your projects. But going for the best themes means getting better usability and comfortability as you work.

  • Option is enabled in the Editor page of WinMerge options).
  • Be careful not to use the similar backslash character in end tags (see the tip Introducing…HTML elements).
  • The split-screen feature helps you to view or edit multiple documents side by side.

After configuring one of those programs to be the default text editor, it will open all TXT files when you click them. Users can also select a dark theme for Notepad++ to add a dark Notepad alternative to Windows 10. To do so, click Download on that text editor’s download page to save its installer. The Black Notepad UWP app is a dark-themed version of the default Windows 10 text editor. Thus, it’s almost exactly the same as Notepad except for its alternative dark color scheme. Click the Get button on its MS Store page to add this app to Windows 10.

Two-level Data Validation [Excel Trick]

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However, you can select other colors of your choice. The body color and the text color should be selected in such a way that the appearance of the web page is attractive. This linear gradient starts as dark blue at the top left and transitions from pink to orange at the bottom right. You may have noticed we did not need to use the CSS background-color property because we used Bootstrap’s default modifier classes.